Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present 
Written By R.J. Modell 

Words of Wisdom
Perfect For Moms & Grads
Teens & Dads
"Today Is Your Gift, Open Your Present" features a diverse array of insightful, thought provoking, heartwarmingly humorous, uplifting and motivational quotes written by Amazon Best-Selling Author, R.J. Modell, whose words have been read around the world via social media.  
Perfect for Adults of all ages and Teens, this compilation makes a thoughtful "Gift Book" for any occasion, including Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduations, Confirmations, Bar Mitzvahs, Retirements, Birthdays and Showers. 
This is NOT your practice life! This is your REAL life! Live each and every day to its fullest! Rid yourself of negative relatives and friends. Surround yourself with the people who truly love you and lift you up. Do something to make yourself happy each and every day! First and foremost, be your own best friend! 
Each new sunrise is another chance to try something new, spread a little love and make yourself happy! 
Don't just dream! Do it! Believe in yourself! Work hard and do not be content to simply reach for the stars, strive for the planets, and keep soaring until you have touched every last galaxy! Today is YOUR GIFT! So go ahead and OPEN YOUR PRESENT! You may just surprise yourself!
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